Monday, June 30, 2008

the hindsight of adaptation

recollection and adaptations

set out heading to los angeles on airplane with more air than usual, with my chin up and fingers crossed to prepare for a show opening at the carmichael gallery in west hollywood.
after a bad case of murphys law, and with more than a little help from friends and kindred spirits,everything fell into place. tired and content, i did end up taking a deep breath and having a beer at the opening as planned.
a few pictures from the city of angels and co. that include a whole streetlong row of tree stumps and parking meters, a note praising jesus and the beautiful day on which the note was written placed on a public urinal, another little note on elliott smiths figure 8 wall, birds, eerily funny billboards, mummies and other gestures whispering that time flies.
(please excuse/bear with my ocd, but pics are best viewed from bottom to top.)